Discovery of Textile Industry, Natural Fiber: KAPOK

Kapok is a natural cellulosic fiber obtained from the seed-hair of kapok trees (Ceiba pentandra). It is also called silk cotton or java cotton. The structure of its fiber is silky, smooth, twistless, light, and floating. Due to its strong insulation against water, heat, and sound, it has been used mostly in bedroom products, special products such as insulation materials, and lifebuoys.
These naturally occurred fibers, in the fruit of the tropical kapok tree, do not contain pesticides and fertilizers. The fruit pods are gathered, processed, and sold by the locals. The seeds have an economic value to provide their livelihood, and also, help to protect rainforests and wildlife.

Breathable, Eco-Friendly Clothing with Kapok

Despite the difficulty of converting fragile kapok fibers into yarn, this natural raw material has been used in the sustainable textile industry, and in clothing now.
Kapok fiber adds functions, due to its structure feature to the fabrics in which it's used. The static air inside the fibers provides thermal properties to the kapok fibers. Kapok, which is 6 times lighter than cotton, is recognized as the lightest natural fiber in the world. It is also an anti-allergen and skin-friendly natural fiber that does not have any allergic reaction diagnoses. It is a completely natural fiber and 100% biodegradable. Kapok has silky, shiny, and flexible fibers, that give a soft touch and elasticity to the fabrics it is used in.


New Collection Made up of Kapok Fibers

We add to our collection the innovative new qualities made with Piumafil, which is made up of the best GOTS-certified organic cotton and kapok fibers, and now we present them to you for sustainable fashion. Moreover, Piumafil meets all the requirements of the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label and the German Government of textile certification seal GÜNER KNOPF (The Green Button).

We have produced our kapok blended fabrics with high technology, environmentally friendly dyeing methods, and trendy colors of the new season. The breathable fabrics ATOS and BALLY KAPOK, providing thermal properties and comfort feeling, are designed for you to create active sports products, casual items with them.


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