We direct the textile industry as a pioneering fabric manufacturer that is innovative, environmentally friendly and cares about human health. We define Özen Mensucat's main philosophy as "Our love and respect for our work".


Every season, we offer quality fabrics for our customers all over the world needed by fashion industry. We develop and produce trend knits and fabrics that will integrate with the fashionable collections in the world market.


We invest for future and build our innovative approaches on responsible production because of the importance of sustainable products and production in our production policies. We manufacture with environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes, and develop our business for recycling and the correct use of resources.

Be Pure Natural Dyeing

We, at Özen, focus on sustainable production and practices and give priority to them. We present fabrics, colored by natural dyeing technologies in environmentally-friendly practices, for sustainable fashion.

"The continuity of sustainable production can be achieved through innovation, R&D and high technology investments."

Fairs And Events

Explore Özen's Natural Dyes in our latest catalog, and contact us to learn more. 

You can follow Özen Mensucat's innovations at trade fairs and events around the world.


Sustainable, Closed-Loop, and a Unique Solution to the Fashion Industry

While trends in fashion are constantly changing, the transformation in the fashion industry lags far behind this pace. In addition to the issue of limited resource consumption, unused textile products pose a significant threat of becoming dysfunctional waste. Ultimately, the prevailing trend in production and consumption supports a wasteful industry.

We, at Özen, believe that it is possible to address these challenges by embracing a circular economy...

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