SEACELL: Seaweed Conversion into Natural Fiber and Fabric

It all started when science focused on discoveries to suppert sustainability and circular fashion. The search for natural raw materials, innovation in production, and the understanding of nature-friendly production help discoveries of new natural fibers. One of these is the new natural fiber conversed from saltwater algea: SEACELL
One of the solutions of science is the natural fiber obtained from seaweed, which has been developed for sustainable fashion in order to minimize the impact on the environment. This new fiber is not only produced from sustainable raw materials (wood and seaweed). It is also manufactured using modal production techniques based on less energy and resource-saving methods.

Because of the priority on sustainable production, the seaweed is harvested very gently and selectively using only the part that is able to regenerate. Production processes take place in a closed-loop, using innovative and environmentally friendly methods, without chemicals released as waste.
The fabric, which is produced by using the fiber obtained from seaweed, is bio-based and 100% biodegradable. In addition, seaweed is a product that does not consume freshwater resources during the production process.
The process of transforming seaweed into the fiber, which will be used in textile products, consists of washing, drying, grinding, and turning it into cellulose fiber with various applications.

Eco-Friendly Production, Skin-Friendly Natural Fiber

The renewable, natural fiber SEACELL, which is discovered in response to the increasingly harmful effects of our environment and years of intense researches, is an indispensable raw material for sustainable fashion. Because, pure seaweed is rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and minerals. Due to these properties, it has a positive effect on the skin, helps protect our skin against harmful environmental effects that we are exposed to in our daily life, and activates cell renewal. Thus, the alleviation of skin diseases and itching, pacification of inflammation results can be obtained. It provides a relax-feeling by keeping the skin's moisture level in natural balance.
In addition, it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, this means SEACELL containing products can be washed less frequently. This feature makes it a truly sustainable fashion product not only during the manufacturing process but also after purchasing by consumers, it saves water, energy, and time.


Our SEACELL and cotton blended Comfy, Sea and Sear fabrics have soft color options which we have added into our collections as a supporter and an implementer of sustainability. You can visit and explore the color options, product images on our website.

SEA: TS-455J 30*1 Jersey Cotton/ Seacell %80-20
COMFY: 30*1 Jersey Diagonal Cotton/ Seacell %80-20
SEAR: TS-45 30*1 1x1 Rib Cotton/ Seacell %80-20

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