Gifts of Mother Earth: BOTANICAL DYES

Mother Earth gives us everything necessary to maintain continuity of life by protecting nature. It remains for us to understand it well, to use its generosity without damaging the environment.

Today, it is more important to take the responsibility of consuming and producing while protecting environment. For this reason, we lead the way to increase awareness in these significant issues as Özen Mensucat. Özen's sustainable production approach includes the effort to adapt natural dyeing in production process, and the investments we realized in this regard, within the scope of responsible production efforts.

It is possible to invest in environmentally friendly production systems by researching the nature-friendly traditional techniques which are used in the past, and developing this heritage with high technology. We develop environmentally friendly natural dyeing methods for our products, and we designed collections with a rich variety of colours using all our facilities.


• Extraction of natural dyes from plants. decrease the use of chemicals and colorants that cause pollution of water resources.
• It provides dyeing with less water and energy consumption due to its higher adhesion to yarn.
• Supports the reuse of wastes by using waste plants and forest products as dyestuffs.
• The pulp of plant, has formed after dyeing, is available to reuse as fertilizer. That makes it possible to use the waste.
• Biodegradable and non-toxic botanical dyes make fabrics skin compatible and environmentally friendly.


The fabrics of our collection, which attained magnificent colors with botanical dyeing processes, used 35-50% less water compared to traditional artificial dyeing systems. Be Pure-DBS and Be Pure DB3T fabrics, which we designed and produced by inspiration and colours of nature, reflect the spirits of plants softly. We present all these magnificent items for your trendy, sustainable collections.

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