Better Chemistry Solutions with a Touch of Nature

The limited resources of raw materials make the existence of renewable natural resources an important issue for the future. For this reason, new applications are being added to the processes that match sustainability, modern science, and environmentalism in the textile industry day by day. The environmental discoveries, which provide innovative solutions in the green chemistry for the textile industry, support sustainable fashion. 

The chemical industry finds responses to petroleum-based raw materials which are used in the textile industry with natural, renewable, fast-growing agricultural products, and the use of traditional raw materials is replaced by environmentally friendly chemistry solutions. 

We, at Özen, are proud and happy to introduce you to our collection, which is created by using new finishing technologies touched by nature for sustainable clothing.

Clothing That Makes Good Feeling With the Softness of Avocado

The use of avocado oil, which is among natural and renewable resources, and is an effective care component, brings brand new features to fabrics for textile. Avocado oil creates a moisture balance and ensures that the fabric creates a comfortable feeling on the skin thanks to its moisture-absorbing components. It also offers a perfect solution that optimizes the wearing performance of synergistic and functional textiles, as well as hygiene technology and freshness feeling.

The fabric that is applied finishing with avocado oil is protected from odor-causing bacteria, and the healing and relaxing effect continues throughout use.

Water-Repellent and Stain-Repellent with Bio-Based Finishes

Raw materials, obtained from the production of natural products with fast production cycles or from recycled natural resources, are included in textile production as green chemical solutions.

Oils obtained from the seeds of water lily leaves, banana peels, wheat, and many other natural products give the fabrics strong water-repellent and stain-proof properties during the finishing phase. Fabrics that provide stain-proofing advantages are among the practical and sustainable solutions for clothes and collections that will be a satisfactory part of life.

Maximum Softness to Fabrics with Renewable Natural Resources

The fabrics, created by bio-based chemical solutions, with the softness and excellent touch feeling are an excellent alternative for designing timeless and indispensable garments. We have designed and created BIOSOFT to bring your collections the softness touching of the oils which are made of completely natural product peels or seeds. You can contact us and ask for different color and fabric options in natural oil-based finishings.

Natural Raw Material Based Finishes and Özen's New Fabric Options 

Discover our AVOSOFT, BIOSOFT, and BIOCARE fabrics to bring the healing power of avocado, the softness added by bio-based products, and the water-repellent and stain-proof properties to your brand and collections. 

You can learn more about our fabrics and whole collections, which are Öko-Tex Standard 100, G.O.T.S. 5.0 by ECOCERT, bluesign® APPROVED certificated,  on our website developed for sustainable fashion. 


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