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Protecting our natural resources and leaving a livable world for the future is possible with responsible production and investments in sustainability. Clean and renewable energy is only a part of these investments.
"Be Pure !" the sustainable production movement, which we started with the motto, continues with the realization of our green energy investments.

One of the prerequisites for sustainable and responsible production is the use of environmentally friendly energy. Leaving a livable world to future generations is possible by focusing on environmentally friendly and responsible production. We have implemented our renewable and clean energy investments within the scope of the Be Pure project, which we carry out in order to produce by using our resources correctly.
Now, all of the electricity used in our production facilities is obtained from sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. In addition, we reduce our carbon footprint in accordance with the Green Deal Paris Agreement


The most important feature of green energy, which is produced by utilizing completely natural processes, is that it renews itself faster than its use. The fact that fossil fuels threaten nature and is limited increases the importance of renewable energy sources that protect nature and are sustainable day by day. While solar and wind energy, hydro and geothermal energy are among the types of green energy, the most common use is included in the production processes as solar and wind energy


We continue to achieve our sustainable production targets by obtaining an International Renewable Energy Certificate for our green energy use (I-REC), which we have implemented in our factory. While renewable energy is a globally accepted way of ensuring sustainability, this certificate certifies that the energy consumed is obtained from renewable sources. I-REC is an internationally valid certificate certifying that the electricity produced or consumed is produced from renewable energy sources.
In addition, by supplying energy from renewable energy sources, we prevent tons of carbon emissions and prevent hundreds of trees from being cut down. As Özen Mensucat, we will continue to encourage the use of environmentally friendly clean energy and to make investments focused on sustainability.

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