Beyond being the source of life for all living things, water is used in all areas of industry and industry. Therefore, water is the most important part of the production cycle. Water is always present in electrical energy production, mining, agriculture and animal husbandry, textile and all industrial activities and processes.
However, when we consider all this need density and potential, the total water volume on earth is 1.4 billion km3, and usable fresh water resources are about 2.5% of it. On the other hand, 68.7% (24 million km3) of usable water is found as ice and snow in mountainous regions, Antarctica and the Arctic, and 30.1% (8 million km3) as groundwater.
Considering the ratio of accessible and usable water on earth to consumption, the consensus was formed years ago that we are at the critical threshold. Now, with the decreasing of usable water and the increasing demand for water, the world is facing the danger of thirst!

A Livable World is Possible with Less Water Consumption!

We can list the measures that must be taken against the danger of thirst, which are detected worldwide, as follows:
• Investing in reservoirs,
• Purifying sea water,
• Treatment of waste water,
• To ensure that water companies stop leaks,
• Water transfer between regions,
• Stabilizing the population or ensuring population movement,
• The most important thing is to reduce individual water consumption.

It does not seem possible under today's conditions to reset water consumption, which is the source of life for all living things, in industry. However, it is also possible to use water in a controlled manner, to invest in technologies that consume less, and to recycle the water we use.
Awareness, which is possible with production investments, can produce promising results with the awareness of all people. As Özen Mensucat, we always try to be a pioneer by creating sensitivity and awareness about the use of products produced with less water. We make investments to reduce water consumption.


Our fabrics, which we meticulously carry out R&D studies, produce according to sustainability principles and Inditex's Join Life standards, complete their production with sustainable raw materials and latest technologies in at least one production process. As a result of our efforts, we are happy that our business has been identified and labeled as a B group supplier company within the scope of Join Life standards this year.
As Özen, we have also received our Care for Water approval within the scope of Join Life, by reducing our water consumption by 12% per kilogram since last year. We continue our R&D studies and technology investments to further reduce our water consumption in the coming years.
Visit our website to view our collections designed for sustainable fashion under the motto "Be Pure", prepared with the principle of respecting nature and all living things at every stage of our production.


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