UMORFIL®️ technology is founded in 2012. The name UMORFIL®️ is a combination of the words "Umor", meaning moisture in Latin, and "Fil" meaning yarn in French. This bionic fiber is a raw material used in textiles by converting the amino acid produced from recycled fish scales into the bionic fiber. Since fish scales are brought into use, food waste and environmental pollution are prevented.
In addition, UMORFIL®, which is a part of the circular economy, provides the comfort that people need and the creation of skin-friendly textile materials. It has passed the medical skin sensitivity/irritation test (ISO 10993) and has skin-healing properties. In order for this fiber to reach the fabric form, it is produced by combining viscose, polyester or nylon in line with certain usage areas. As Özen Mensucat, we use the N6U® form combined with nylon in many of our fabrics.


N6U® is a new type of nylon created by combining peptide amino acids with regular nylon. N6U® has improved the properties of nylon. Bionic nylon has a high performance in maintaining moisture balance. In addition, it supports production targets with less water, as it provides an advantage in the use of water in the dyeing process thanks to its paint retention feature. The applied paint is resistant to flowing and fading and is suitable for washing.


-Environmentally compatible
-Indispensable for sensitive skin
-Better Colorfastness
-Water-saving in the dyeing process
-Excellent moisture regain


Within the scope of our BePure project, we contribute to the protection of nature with our fabric collection containing UMORFIL®, which we prepared with the awareness of sustainable production.
We offer you the colors of your Autumn-Winter designs with salmon-colored UMORFIL® Rib, UMORFIL® Jersey fabrics and our gray-blue UMORFIL® Modal inspired by the blues of the sea. We invite you to our showroom to examine our collections more closely. Also, visit our website for more of our products.

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