According to studies, it is predicted that there will be 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste in the world within 20 years. It is up to all of us to change this situation, which is a major threat to our environment. Therefore, as Özen Mensucat, we work to minimize our carbon footprint in order to fulfill our duty to protect the environment, and we include sustainable fabrics in our collections with the awareness of environmental protection. We support the production of fabrics from recycled nylon materials in order to protect the nature and to use our natural resources more efficiently.

Recycled nylon and polyester have the same advantages. These advantages include minimizing the use of water, energy and fossil fuels in the production process, as well as reducing plastic waste left to nature.


Pre-consumer Wastes: Waste generated before reaching the consumer; waste from industrial processes such as plastic components, industrial waste and fabric scraps.

Fishing Nets: There are two different types of fishing nets that go into the recycling system: nets rescued by volunteer divers and nets from the aquaculture industries.

Old Rugs: Old rugs can be broken down into three main components and recycled: polypropylene (PP), Nylon 6 and calcium carbonate.Nylon 6 is recycled along with other waste such as fishing nets or textile scraps to make it endless use and recycled nylon.


Since recycled nylon returns to its original quality, the fabric created from this raw material also has all the character features of nylon. These properties are exceptionally strong and elastic, stain-resistant, excellent toughness and abrasion resistance, easy to wash and be dyed in a wide range of colors.

Recycled Polyamide Blended Fabrics in Our BePure Collection

For our sustainable production-focused BePure Collection, we prepared a new product range that reflects the value of recycled polyamide in terms of environment and sustainable fashio.

Lagoon: 30 * 1 Interlock Pique Org. Cotton / Recycle Polyamide / Elast. 60-35-5%
Enrika: 40 * 1 Interlock Org. Cotton / Recycle Polyamide / Elast. 40-55-5%
Mila: 30 * 1 Interlock Pique Org. Cotton / Recycle Polyamide / Elast. 60-35-5%

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