SORONA®​​​​​ Eco-efficient Performance Fiber​

SORONA® is a bio-based, high-performance polymer that contains 37% annual renewable plant-based ingredients. This helps to minimize its environmental impact while offering key performance attributes, including the smooth look and feel, quick-dry, durability, stretch recovery, color vibrancy, easy-care, wrinkle resistance, moisture-wicking and softness.

It is used in fiber applications for clothing and home textiles. SORONA®fiber is a comfortable stretch knitwear and woven material with soft, flexible and stain-resistant properties. Does not contain spandex, but provides exceptional stretch and healing even after repeated stretching and washing.
Lightweight and breathable - SORONA®’s lightweight and breathable warmth might be the reason why it is beloved by outerwear brands. In outerwear applications, the fiber is typically used as an insulator (like down feathers) rather than an exterior fabric.
Moisture-wicking - The material is also quick-drying and wicks moisture off the skin. This allows for maximum comfort when worn.
Wrinkle and fade resistant - SORONA® is not only wrinkle resistant but fade resistant too. The material repels UV rays and chlorine so it maintains a vibrant color, and its smooth molecular structure allows for it to recover and retain its shape.

The Look and Feel of SORONA®​​​​​​

SORONA® fibers used for T-shirt and hooded fabrics also provide softness and volume, dry quickly and are fade resistant for vibrant colors. SORONA® is produced with PDO, a building block with infinite diversity potential, and using a biological process. 37% of the polymer is made each year using renewable plant-based ingredients. The revolutionary Bio-PDO compound transforms a previously chemical process into an eco-efficient biological process. It uses 30% less energy and emits 63% less greenhouse gas compared to Nylon 6.

Soft & Natural Colors of Özen SORONA®️ Collection

We would like to introduce you to our fabrics made of SORONA® which are Soron and Arrow. Soron has three different colors. These are cappucino caramel, ecru and green. Soron and Arrow has ecru and tan. Both fabrics include %40 SORONA®. For more information please check our website.

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