The best answer for sustainable fabrics: HEMP

Hemp is the new star of the textile industry nowadays, where protection of nature and natural resources and less water and less energy consumption is important.


Hemp is one of the oldest fibers raw material and allows very dynamic fabrics of many qualities to be made.
Cannabis plants breathe 4 times more carbon dioxide than trees, that's why it acts as an excellent filter for our environment. Also, it doesn't need any chemicals and pesticides to grow, it incredibly grows fast. It uses less water than other natural raw materials and produces more fiber per acre. Since it can be bleached without using chlorine, it supports less water and chemical consumption.

Fabrics which are made of hemp meet the durability needs of long-lasting textile products at a high level with their strong structure. It is a great insulator, naturally absorbs moisture; It keeps warm in winter and cool in summer, it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
It is one of the strongest natural fibers with less stretch. For this reason, clothes made of hemp fabrics retain their shape during usage and the softness of the garments increase. Hemp provides excellent breathability and high abrasion resistance in clothing. Hemp fabrics have dye absorbing performance and can retain dye better than cotton.


In our new collection Indica, Magnolia, Rosales, Cannabis fabrics which are produced with the wonder of hemp, expect to turn into trendy clothing products in your sustainable collections with their fashionable colours and textures.

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