Sustainable Life Is Possible With Recycling

Thanks to recycling, many wastes can be recycled to ensure the sustainability of life.
In this regard, we contribute to the protection of the environment by including recycled cotton and polyester fibers in our production process with our BePure Project.
In addition, thanks to the use of recycled cotton and polyester, we use less energy and water and consume less paint and produce environmentally friendly.


Our 22/23 Autumn-Winter Collection opens with a starter group that emphasizes recycling. The most striking feature of our new collection is that it consists of recycled cotton, polyester, Tencel ™ ️ and fabrics containing nylon. PangalaNadia, Orca and Record, whose colors and product information can be found on our website. Ecolife contains recycled cotton and plastic.
In addition, our Lagoon, Mila ve Enrika fabrics, which we produced from recycled nylons that we have touched on in the past months, serve trend collections for sustainable fashion. Finally, our fabrics, kumaşlarımız Leset,, Utility, ve Real, produced from recycled Tencel ™ ️which is REFIBRA ™ ️, have taken their places in our new collection.

Cotton and Polyester Recycling

Recycled cotton fibers are obtained from waste generated while spinning. Thus, no material in cotton production pollutes nature as waste and is recycled into the fabric. Polyester fibers are obtained through the recycling of plastic wastes and the recycling chain is fully completed.

Comfort and Softness in Ecolife

Ecolife, içeriğindeki geri dönüştürülmüş pamuk sayesinde soğukta ısıyı dengeler ve nefes alır, polyesterin verdiği rahatlık ve yumuşaklığı giysilere taşır.

Ecolife: Recycle Cotton/Recycle Pes %65-35.
Core: Ecovera Viscose/Repreve Pes/Elast. %60-35-5
Missoni: Organic Cotton/Repreve Pes/Elast. %60-35-5

Eco-friendly REFIBRA ™️

REFIBRA ™ ️ is a new generation ecological fabric, produced by transforming Tencel ™ ️ fibers that are formed from pre or post-consumption cotton waste, wood pulp. REFIBRA ™ ️ fabrics give a relaxing feeling with their soft structure, they are skin-friendly thanks to their breathability. In addition, it brings the advantages of 100% sustainability and promoting transparency in the supply chain to the textile industry with its production approach that supports recycling.

Utility: Ottoman Refibra %100
Leset: Refibra/Elast %95-5
Real: Refibra/Elast %90-10

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