We progress responsibly and efficiently in all stages of production as Özen Mensucat. We raise awareness of our employees and tend to consume less resources and raw materials during production. We integrate sustainability into our production by reducing the use of water, energy and chemicals. We update and develop our sustainability approach in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and ILO standards.

We adapt an environmentally friendly and sustainable system to our production by supplying all the electricity we use from green energy.
By choosing the Green Energy (I-REC) tariff in our facilities with the International Renewable Energy Certificate, we prevent carbon emissions and prevent the cutting of hundreds of trees.

In our production facilities where we focus on the use of less water, energy, chemicals and raw materials, we produce environmentally friendly and responsible production. We minimize waste and carbon emissions. We offer our customers sustainable and organic products.

As a result of our efforts, we are happy that our business has been identified and labeled as a B group supplier company within the scope of Join Life standards this year. We, at Özen, have also received our Care for Water approval within the scope of Join Life, by reducing our water consumption by 12% per kilogram since last year.

"Sustainable production can be possible with knowledge, high technology and innovation. We support investments in this direction in our production facilities and develop our company."

Working System Based on Research and Development

We support sustainability with our strategic approaches to sourcing, our continuous research and development studies, plant-based and less effective painting techniques we use in a nature-friendly structure.

Transparent and Traceable Corporate Structure

As a company that focuses on sustainability, being transparent and traceable is the most important element for us. We create our production processes, products and supply chain with these principles.

Traceable Improvement in All Processes

We optimize the continuity and efficiency in all processes of our business. We guarantee the highest quality with the most competitive offers through continuous monitoring, controls and reporting.

Reduced Use of Resources, Water and Energy

We produce it with working systems that support minimized energy and water use by minimizing the environmental impact. We apply the latest techniques and technologies developed on water consumption, reduction of greenhouse gases and minimization of chemicals in our facilities.

Collections Prepared with High and Smart Technologies

In order to protect the environment, we include new generation cotton, recycled and sustainable materials into production with advanced technology. We support with certificates that our collections are produced with sustainable production principles.

Worldwide valid certificates

All the studies we do on sustainability, all the products we produce are worldwide valid ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, OCS, GRS. We document our certificate.