A quality-oriented business that grows with 25 years of experience and knowledge: Özen Mensucat.

Turkey's largest knit fabric dyeing and finishing to become our business; It was realized by working hard, investing in high technology and innovation, and valuing people. Our aim; To carry our business to the future with this mission and vision.

"Özen Mensucat has become an enterprise aiming quality in every field, we will continue to add value to our business and the sector with quality-oriented approaches."

Dear business partners, customers and employees; Özen Mensucat continues its journey, which started 25 years ago with a daily production capacity of 4 tons, today as the largest knitted fabric dyeing and finishing enterprise of our country with a daily capacity of 50 tons.

During these 25 years, while increasing our capacity, we also carried out continuous improvement and development activities in all our business processes. In this rapid change process, Total Quality Management, TPM and Lean Management approach has always been an indispensable guide for us. Because we aimed to be quality in all areas of life and we really achieved this. The prestigious awards we have received in important subjects such as Total Quality Management, Environmental Management and Energy Management are the biggest indication of this.

At Özen Mensucat, quality has never been a concept only related to the product. We have always targeted quality in all areas such as management quality, communication quality, information quality, human resources management quality, customer management quality, supplier management quality as well as product quality.

As a result of this understanding, a great Özen Family emerged, bound together by basic values such as love, respect, cooperation, justice and tolerance. While aiming to be "the best" together with all our employees, we also contributed to the development of the textile industry. Thus, we made many of our dreams come true. However, we also have many more dreams and goals ahead of us ...

Today, as Özen Mensucat, the most important of our goals is to adapt all our business processes to the SUSTAINABILITY approach. All of our employees sincerely believe that we will be the best in our industry by using limited resources effectively, investing in technology, focusing on R&D studies, using environmentally friendly raw materials and materials, using less energy and water, and producing recyclable fabrics.

I would like to thank our customers, suppliers and all other business partners and stakeholders who stand by us and contribute to this path.






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