The Be Pure Project is a project where we realize our understanding of production responsible for the environment and people, and define our perspective on life and production. With this project, we follow and implement innovations with a sustainable perspective.

While more than 100 billion clothing items and 500 billion plastic bottles are produced every year, half of these products go into the environment as garbage and it takes centuries to decompose. Recycling these wastes, turning textile and plastic wastes into threads, recycling and reusing them means that sustainable production can be achieved.

In order to realize this production logic, we re-evaluate the yarns produced from recycled materials in our collection and support the recycling cycle.

At the same time, while coloring our products, we use Botanical Dyes that are completely obtained from nature and are safe for the environment. We are trying to protect the industry, value to the sector, nature and the future of human life in the painting stages by adding innovations to the coloring methods in every collection preparation, improving our raw materials and systems.

We diversify our use of natural materials such as linen and hemp by adding seaweed to the natural raw materials used in textile products. With the healing it brings from the sea, our fabrics made of seaweed help protect the skin from the environmental effects of daily life. We produce "SeaCell" fabrics to benefit from the purity of seaweed and the richness of vitamins, amino acids and minerals it contains.

"With Be Pure! Project, we do not only use raw materials, but also adopt methods that save energy and resources."

We treat all of the water we use with our advanced technology infrastructure, and we reduce our water consumption by repeatedly using it. We design and manufacture by using production techniques that have the least impact on nature by minimizing carbon absorption.

In our management process, we expand our work with proven systems to improve efficiency, quality and satisfaction in all areas. It constitutes the key point of our success thanks to the synergy we have created by including all our employees with the Kaizen system.

We provide our employees with a motivating work environment where they freely share their business development and solution-oriented ideas, apply their ideas, and grow success together in our working system.

Kaizen system, which is a working discipline based on continuous thinking and development, has become synonymous with Özen Mensucat's corporate culture.