About Us

Özen Mensucat Boya Terbiye İşletmeleri AŞ was established in 1994, produces knitted fabric with a daily capacity of 50 tons for the world market with its facilities of 40.000 m² and 450 employees. Our company is aware of its environmental and social responsibilities, has adopted a quality-oriented production approach based on customer satisfaction with a system infrastructure that operates honestly and ethically.

Özen Mensucat is a Taha Group company that provides services to leading companies in Europe and America. Taha Group is a group of companies operating in the fields of textile, ready-to-wear, production, design and marketing with over 7,000 employees and 16 companies.

Our company performs the knitting finishing and finishing process of all kinds of knitted fabrics made of cotton, polyester, polyamide and recycled derivatives, viscose, linen, hemp, modal, wool, cashmere, silk and and blended of them. We work for innovations and better service in the textile sector with our high technology, the development techniques we have and the innovative approaches we add to the production processes.

We aim to meet the needs of the ready-to-wear industry to a great extent, minimizing our environmental impact and protecting natural resources and human health with quality and color diversity in our fabrics. Human health, consciousness and responsible production are our priorities. Our company policies and applications in production processes, all our production and management processes have been documented with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Our Principles

Our company has come with the corporate culture, which it has provided continuity from the past to the present, and the principles that it does not compromise and its employees have adopted.

  • Among these principles, the priority is to listen to our customers and understand their needs and serve them without compromising difference, innovation and quality.

  • We believe that existence in the future can be achieved by keeping our innovation and sustainability goals at the international level and systematically with new technology investments. Therefore, innovative and sustainable approaches are one of the important principles that our company focuses on.

  • Since our natural resources are our trust from future generations, we work harder to use our resources rationally. We use new technologies to reduce the consumption of natural resources such as energy and water by adopting technically and economically viable technologies.

  • In line with our sustainability principle, we act as a responsible producer to minimize the environmental impacts that may arise from company activities, cooperate with companies that support sustainability in every field and encourage other companies.

  • We do not compromise our ethical, honest business understanding by complying with all legal regulations within the scope of environment, quality and social responsibility.

  • We implement the principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO), including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and applicable national laws, as our company principles.

  • We produce with human-oriented approaches that do not allow child labor, forced or compulsory labor, violation of security rules, discrimination and undisciplined practices. We respect the freedom of our employees to form unions and the right to collective bargaining, observe the legal minimum wage and meet the basic needs of our employees.

  • A holistic satisfaction perspective lies at the center of our service understanding, so we constantly improve and develop the management system.

  • We share all the principles and production policies we have specified with our suppliers, service providers and employees, and we develop together with them, making sure that they are aware of these principles.


Our company continues to operate worldwide in the field of textiles since its establishment in 1994 in Tekirdağ. As Özen Mensucat, we have been working to grow with the commitment to innovation and responsibility from the first day.


ÖZEN MENSUCAT was established by TAHA GROUP.


Quality Management System is set and certificated with ISO9002.


Certificated with Oeko Tex Standart 100.


ERP System is established.


Environment Management System is established and certificated with ISO14001.


Rewarded with Sectoral Environment Award.


Became the first Company who got the Total Quality Reward in its sector.


Research and Development department is established.


Won the First Place in “Energy Efficiency in Industry Project”.


Has been chosen as the “The Cleanest Industry” by the Ministry of Environment.


Certificated with OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certificate.


Certificated by GOTS/OCS Product Certificate.


Selected as the National Champion by European Business Awards Committee.


Start for bio-dyeing.


Automation Systems are renewed and switched to full automation.


Certificated with Recycle Product Certificate.


Production capacity is increased to 50 tons per day.


Became a member of Higg FEM and has been inspected.


Fabric knitting facility is opened.


Certificated with Safe Production Certificate.



Chosen as The National Champion by the European Business Awards Committee.


Won the First Prize “Industrial Energy Efficiency Project”.


Became the first company in its sector which win Total Quality Award.


Won The Sector Environment Award.

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